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Saudi Agents Abduct Iraqi Haj Pilgrim

Saudi Agents Abduct Iraqi Haj Pilgrim

Agents of Saudi regime Monday attacked the dwelling place of one of the pilgrimage caravans and arrested an Iraqi Haj pilgrim and took him to an unknown place.

Haj Mohammad Hasan Ramzan travelled from Medina to Mecca to establish religious rites and was arrested upon his arrival in his dwelling place.

It is noteworthy that attemps by official bodies and diplomat have been abortive so far and his current situation is still unknown.

He suffers from heart disease and his family voiced their concern over this issue.

Their phone calls to Iraqi embassy in Riadh and Embassy's efforts to discover news regarding this missing man who has been arrested for no good and clear reason remained abortive
it seems that Saudi officials have adopted new policies concerning security situation of Haj which has caused fear among the pilgrims.

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India’s External Affairs Minister: China should take precautions against Saudi prince’s US-backed mission

India’s External Affairs Minister: China should take precautions against Saudi prince’s US-backed mission

Indian Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj who was responding to a question of Hindustan Times reporter about the visit of Saudi Arabia’s deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al Saud to China and Japan and the important economic agreements planned to be signed between Saudi Arabia and some East Asian countries, said that India is not concerned about the Saudi Prince’s visit to Pakistan, China, and Japan.
“We don’t have any strategic concern about Saudi deputy Crown Prince visiting Pakistan, China, and Japan. He has had his major strategic agreements in his last month travel to United States and no big strategic deal is likely to be clinched in this trip. I advise the Chinese officials to be cautious of Saudi prince’s US-backed mission in China,” said the minister.
Following his father’s succession as King of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman has gained enormous power in the Arab country after he was appointed minister of defense in January 2015 and then in April 2015 took the position of deputy crown prince as well.
He has embarked on a high profile visit to a number of East Asian nations to hold talks on several political, economic, and cultural issues with the top officials of these countries.
He chose Saudi Arabia’s close ally Pakistan as his first destination on Sunday and hold security talked with Pakistani officials during this trip and is scheduled to pay visits to China and Japan to continue his days-long tour.
Some political analysts say that Mohammad bin Salman’s visits will be a turning point in the expansion of Saudi Arabia’s religious activities in the region and hence increasing the religious extremism there.
It seems that US secretary of state, John Kerry’s trip to India and the Saudi prince’s visit to Pakistan, China, and Japan are aimed at one common goal.


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Code Pink activists campaign stop attacks on Yemen

A group of civil rights activists held a protest rally outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, D.C., to condemn the sale of US arms to the Saudi regime and the unrelenting bombardment of the Yemeni people.

Civil and human rights activists, a number of American veterans, Yemeni nationals and members of the peace group Codepink attended the rally to protest against US arms trade with Saudi Arabia, which has been killing Yemeni civilians in a military campaign for some 17 months.

Demonstrators expressed outrage at the Saudi government’s attacks on the defenseless people of Yemen with American weaponry.

A Yemeni protestor, Boshra, said she has attended the rally to denounce the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes against Yemeni schools and hospitals, saying Saudi Arabia’s siege of Yemen and blocking international support for civilians is a reminder of the Israeli regime’s cruel policies against Palestinians.

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Green Party calls for a cutoff of aid to Saudi Arabia, citing carnage inflicted on Yemen with U.S. arms

The Green Party is calling for an immediate cutoff of aid to Saudi Arabia and for intense diplomatic pressure to halt the Saudis' war in Yemen.

The State Department recently announced a $1.15 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. The Obama Administration has sold arms amounting to $110 billion to Saudi Arabia.

Green presidential nominee Jill Stein called for an end to U.S. aid for Saudi Arabia during a press conference at the National Press Club on Aug. 23.

Green Party candidates and leaders said that the ongoing U.S. alliance with the Saudi regime is based on a desire by the U.S. to control access to the country's vast oil reserves and maintain political control in the region.

"U.S. aid for Saudi Arabia is motivated by more than fossil-fuel addiction. The U.S. covets control over the world's access to the Arabian oil spigot. We need a complete reversal of the current doctrine of petroleum politics and endless war that's driving the climate crisis, conflict in the Middle East, and disregard for civilian lives -- especially Muslim lives and human rights abroad and in the U.S.," said Myles Hoenig, Green candidate for the U.S. House in Maryland, 7th District.

Greens expressed concern that a Hillary Clinton Administration, if she is elected in November, will be even more unconditionally friendly to the Saudi government after the latter's generous donations (between $10 million and $25 million) to the Clinton Foundation.

The State Department has ignored requests by Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) to meet and discuss the need for pressure on Saudi Arabia regarding its role in the Yemeni civil war following the ouster of Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi by Houthi rebels. Bills by Rep. Lieu and other members of the House and Senate to prohibit delivery of air-to-ground munitions from the U.S. to Saudi Arabia are stalled in committee.

"Reckless alliances and military aid deals for countries like Saudi Arabia, along with U.S.-led warfare in Iraq, Libya, and other countries, have only strengthened violent extremist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIL, exacerbated the refugee crisis, and created greater instability throughout the region," said Matt Funiciello, Green candidate for the U.S. House in New York's 21st Congressional District.

Greens said that the call for an end to U.S. aid for Saudi Arabia is consistent with the party's support for cutting off aid for other countries with a pattern of human rights violations and violence against civilians, including Israel. The Green Party has endorsed boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) until Israel ends its occupation of Palestinian lands and complies with international human rights laws and directives.


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Yemeni journalists union condemn blocking the channel process and call on all organizations media to a wider solidarity

Yemeni journalists union said that aggression alliance blocked Al-masirah channel on satellite Nilesat, indicates a moral bankruptcy.

The union denounced that in a statement miserable act of aggression by the coalition and the continuation of targeted national media organizations, once again call on all international organizations and local bodies Al-masirah channel of solidarity with Yemen, and with the national media institutions targeted by the Saudi American aggression.

Text of the statement:

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Union statement in solidarity with Al-masirah channel

- In a move that indicates a moral bankruptcy of the hands of the coalition deliberately aggression on Friday, August 26, 2016 to block the Al-masirah satellite channel on Nilesat, in order to prevent the arrival of a message of the Yemeni people to the world.

The Union of journalists of Yemenis condemn and denounce this act miserable and continued targeting national media organizations, it is again calling all international organizations and local bodies to solidarity with the Al-masirah channel of Yemen, and with the national media institutions targeted by the Saudi American aggression, which exercises the media war against Yemen in parallel with aggression the brutal targeting of innocent civilians, women, children and newborns, and works in a systematic framework to hit the national economy and infrastructure, war crimes do not work with it attempts blackout and maliciousness and misinformation.

Al-masirah has played the course from the national media, and exceptional role it faces aggression based on the sincerity of the word, and realities, which gig aggression and its mercenaries to withhold clone, and jamming of these methods more than once, also directly targeted the number of buildings and media facilities and elevated dozens of martyrs of the word and the media amid the silence of international organizations and bodies concerned.

The Union underlines that such behavior will not discourage journalists Liberals continue their approach diligent in fighting the enemy and expose its crimes and support the army and people's committees in the battle of dignity and protect the honor of the nation, and the victory of the Yemeni people great in their steadfastness, Unafraid and sacrifices of its people self-confidence and precious.

Yemeni journalists union

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Rights Activists Stage Anti-Saudi Rally in US Capital

A group of civil rights activists held a protest rally outside the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, D.C., to condemn the sale of US arms to the Saudi regime and the unrelenting bombardment of the Yemeni people.

Civil and human rights activists, a number of American veterans, Yemeni nationals and members of the peace group Codepink attended the rally on Tuesday to protest against US arms trade with Saudi Arabia, which has been killing Yemeni civilians in a military campaign for some 17 months.

Demonstrators expressed outrage at the Saudi government’s attacks on the defenseless people of Yemen with American weaponry.

A Yemeni protestor, Boshra, said she has attended the rally to denounce the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes against Yemeni schools and hospitals, saying Saudi Arabia’s siege of Yemen and blocking international support for civilians is a reminder of the Israeli regime’s cruel policies against Palestinians.

Since March 2015, Saudi Arabia and a number of its Arab allies have been launching airstrikes against the Houthi Ansarullah movement in Yemen in an attempt to restore power to the fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

According to media reports, more than 8,000 Yemenis, most of them civilians, have been killed in the Saudi-led aggression so far.

Only in recent days, more than 40 Yemeni civilians have been killed in airstrikes by the Saudi-led coalition on a hospital associated with Doctors Without Borders, a school and a potato chip factory.

Meanwhile, the US has been supporting the coalition in many ways, including selling arms to Saudi Arabia.


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Saudi-supplied chemical weapons on Syrian people

According to an investigation by US news agency, Zahran Alloush, the killed-commander of Jaysh al-Islam, “Bandar bin Sultan’s personal brigade in Syria”, was one of the terrorists who had close relationship with Saudi intelligence services, particularly the intelligence agency during the following events in Syria.

Because Alloush was an expertise in rocket attacks, he could buy 500 kilos “Sarin gas” and “Cyanide” with one of the officers’ coordination in Turkey intelligence agency named “Ayhan” from one of the countries of the Caucasus and Eastern European country. And also he could transfer these chemicals through Turkey into Syria. Since Saudi officials related to terrorists have promised to pay the cost of buying toxic gases before, he could pay back by one of the European countries local staff of the embassy of Saudi Arabia’s account to Vendors of toxic gases account.

After finding 2 kilograms of toxic gasses during transferring through turkey, this event becomes a huge scandal.

Terrorists bought Chemical gases from two European countries and transferred part of the cargo to turkey and other part to the Lebanon. They transferred all purchased chemicals in the form of 4 cargoes and under the guise of petrochemicals into Syria. One cargo from Turkey and three others from the North Lebanon were transferred to “Al-Qutayfah” With the help of a political character associated with Saudi Arabia.

Based on research, after the presence of chemical battalion of Liwa al-Islam in the village of Jobar, Syrian forces found a production workshop and warehouse of toxic chemicals, tens of mortar shells for filling Chemicals and large amounts of chemicals sent by Saudi Arabia. After chemical manufacturing workshops was found and destroyed, since early 2013 Intelligence Agency established a small workshop located in a remote region near the border of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. In the workshop terrorists related factors made the chemicals gasses ready to use on the battlefield after producing them.

According to information obtained, Saudi security forces were strictly supervised the factory’s area. The products of this small workshop were wrapped one to three-kilo packages and under different covers in an illegal way and transferred to Jordan unbeknownst to the Government of Jordan. They transferred the depot in a villa in “Ar Ramtha” to “Daraa” then to secure locations in Rif Dimashq.

According to the fieldwork investigation of two reporter of Mint Press News, a large amount of chemical weapons was being distributed in Syria especially in “Eastern Ghouta” by the Saudi Intelligence Chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

Based on this research, previously local fighters against the regime of Bashar Assad, who are affiliated Al-Nusra Front, have acknowledged that the weapons were imported by Saudi militant, a field commander. The Saudi militant told them Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi intelligence chief, provided these Chemical Weapons.

Although in a phone call with Syrian Al-Manar news agency, Dr. Hessam Shoaib, An expert on Islamic movements in the region, have disclosed that he helped Intelligence Alloush to amassed about 50 units and brigades under the heading “Jaysh al-Islam”.

Saudi strategy is providing financial aid to support terrorists from Riyadh and removing al-Qaeda from Saudi Arabia.

According to experts, this is the motivation used for forming Jaysh al-Islam.

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Slavery of Foreign Women in Wealthy Arab Countries

Through the past years, growing concern has surrounded these women who have been voicing their discontent that they do not receive sufficient salary. At times, they are even exploited by their bosses.

Some of the African countries that send women to other countries for a job have expressed their profound dissatisfaction at the way women are treated. Some of these countries have demanded women’s return. All these dire circumstances catapulted the case into the parliament for a detailed discussion urging the officials to take a drastic action.

In some cases, some of the hiring agencies smuggled African workforce. Regarding this issue, “Alrai,” a Kuwaiti newspaper, confirmed that thirty people from Malawi have asked for a return to their homeland; all the while, the same scenario has agitated Ghanaian workforce too.

It seems that women’s career problems are not restricted to African countries as myriad cases have emerged of women abuse and smuggling workforce by hiring agencies. It seems there is no end in sight to these controversies as International Federation for Human Rights announces in a grim annual report the desperate conditions surrounding Kuwait which has tarnished their global image; not to mention that, Kuwait is acknowledged as a source of humanitarianism.

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Is Boko Haram's leader's death real?

The US secretary of state's visit to Nigeria coincided with releasing reports on serious injury or death of Boko Haram's leader in this country.

Nigerian military said on Tuesday during a bombing of positions of extremist Islamist group Boko Haram in the country's north eastern forests, 300 senior members of the group were killed and Abubakr Shekau, the leader of this group is either killed or severely wounded.

Nigerian officials earlier reported at least 3 times on either death or serious injury of Boko Haram's leader.

Nigerian military statement has been released while US secretary of State, John Kerry, has traveled there to talk to the country's authorities to deal with Extremist groups.

However Kerry didn't make any reference to the News released on the death of the leader of BokoHaram .

With the escalation of violence and terrorism by Boko Haram in Nigeria, the country did not achieve any success despite the assistance of the West and America to fight Boko Haram terrorists; therefore, Boko Haram violence still persists in this country.

However, having been incited by Saudis, the Nigerian government in a move described as a forward-moving escape, has limited and persecuted Shiites and incarcerated the Shiite leader.

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Muhammad bin Salman utters key remarks prior to China visit

Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud has said in a press conference prior to his visit to China that his trip is a good opportunity for strengthening the bilateral ties between the two countries.

Pointing to the similar ruling systems of the two countries and the common views of their leaders on many issues the prince expressed hope that the visit would be a fruitful one in all arenas.

Indicating that China is a major exporter of consumer goods while Saudi Arabia is a big importer of these kinds of goods and that Saudi Arabia has repeatedly “satisfied China’s energy needs” bin Salman said: “In light of the good relations between the two countries we ask China to take the rights of its Muslims into consideration, protect the interests of Tibetans, and allow Uyghurs to perform their religious obligations because these issues are of prime importance for the international community.”

He added that Saudi Arabia has a long-term plan to build mosques and Islamic-cultural centers in Southeast Asia which would be discussed with Chinese "friends" during the upcoming visit.

The second Crown Prince went on to say that, he would ask China to clarify its stance on the issue of Yemen and Syria adding that his country is not aware of China’s relationship with Houthis and the ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Given the fact that China particularly concentrates its attention on economic aspects and most of the Chinese products pass through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and the Red Sea close to Saudi Arabia’s borders and as China is the second largest importer of Saudi oil it is highly unlikely that China would take steps which put interests of the two countries at jeopardy, he remarked.

On the possibility of US and European Union arms embargo against Saudi Arabia the second Crown Prince and the Minister of Defense said, “We have alternatives among our Asian allies for importing weapons and exporting oil.”

Bin Salman also slammed U.S. for its presence in South China Sea which he believed is "creating tension" there and is against "common interests of China and Saudi Arabia".

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Media Silent As US-Backed Saudi Forces Starve Half Million Yemeni Children

 A woman brings her child to hospital in Yemen to be treated for severe acute malnutrition.

While the media was flooded with images of the starving children of Syria, the thousands of children suffering from Saudi Arabia’s U.S.-backed onslaught on Yemen made far fewer headlines.

The mainstream media was eager to report on the struggle for survival in Madaya. The mountain town near Syria’s southwestern border was once known as a popular resort destination in the Middle East, but its population is now reportedly being starved under a siege by the Syrian army.

However, the actual situation is far more complex. The U.S.-supported, so-called “moderate” rebels including the Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al-Qaida, had first laid siege to the cities of Kefraya and Fua, leading to a retaliatory siege on Madaya by the Assad government. Those same rebel groups were also, in turn, responsible for allowing the starvation in Madaya to continue by occupying the city and keeping humanitarian aid out of reach of the populace as a strategic tactic. Additionally, many images used in media reports on Madaya turned out to be fake or misleading.

Meanwhile, far fewer journalists are covering the large-scale starvation and displacement taking place in Yemen, a situation caused by a bombing campaign and blockade led by Saudi Arabia and its allies and backed by U.S. military aidThe Nusra Front, one of the groups responsible for skyrocketing food prices in Madaya, also has the backing of the Saudi government, like many of the rebel forces in the region.

Saudi Arabia is currently engaged in a proxy war with Iran, who Riyadh blames, inaccurately, for the rise to power of the Houthis in Yemen and setbacks to the kingdom’s agenda in Syria, leading to a bombing campaign and embargo on crucial resources that began in April.

UNICEF reported in October that 537,000 Yemeni children were at risk of severe malnutrition nationwide, while Alexi O’Brien, reporting for Al-Jazeera in September, noted that the United Nations warned that 96,000 children were “starving and close to death” in the port city of al-Hodeidah, and an additional 8,000 children faced starvation in Aden in 2016.

The situation was so dire nationwide that, in June, the U.N. reported “that at least six million people in Yemen are in urgent need of emergency food and life-saving assistance, a new United Nations (UN) investigation has found … 10 out of Yemen’s 22 governorates are facing an ‘emergency level’ food security situation amid the ongoing conflict, including major areas like Aden, Taiz, Saa’da and Al Baida.” In July, Oxfam reported that the number of starving people in Yemen had topped 6 million — nearly half the country’s population of 13 million. Aid workers are struggling to reach the needy, with the World Food Programme reporting that it had served 3.5 million Yemenis by August.

While the suffering of the residents of Madaya is heart-wrenching, some critics have questioned the motives behind the media’s focus on this single town rather than suffering in Yemen or even elsewhere in Syria.Vladimir Safronkov, Russia’s deputy ambassador to the U.N. Security Council, lamented recently that the timing of the reports seemed calculated to undermine the budding peace process in Syria, according to a report from RT. “It looks like that, under the pretext of the deterioration of the situation in besieged cities, attempts are being made to undermine the launch of the inter-Syrian dialogue scheduled for January 25,” he told an emergency meeting of the Security Council on Saturday.

Safronkov said the West practices a “double standard” by raising the alarm about Madaya while ignoring cities besieged by anti-Assad forces:

“Much is being said about Madaya, but not a word about the villages of Nubul and Az-Zahra in the province of Aleppo. And we are talking about the fate of tens of thousands of people.”

On Monday, Ben Norton, politics staff writer for Salon, cited the siege of Yemen, as well as Israel’s decade-long blockade of Gaza, when he questioned why some atrocities are condemned and others are “barely even acknowledged.” He wrote:

“All sieges are of course tragic, because they harm civilians. There should be outrage at the siege on Madaya, but there should be proportionate outrage. All of the other ongoing sieges — and the much larger blockades — that happened to be supported by the West should not conveniently be ignored.

Americans, in particular, should be concerned about the millions upon millions of people being starved in policies backed by their ostensibly democratic government, right at this very moment.”

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Which country holds the legal and moral high ground, Canada or Syria?

In terms of international law, human rights, the fight against terrorism, and common decency, Syria wins, hands down.

Syria, which ranked amongst the top 5 countries globally as a “safe” destination prior to the pre-planned western-launched dirty war, puts Canada to shame.

It has been well-documented for years that the pre-planned war on Syria is illegal according to international laws, resolutions, and conventions. Not only does the Canadian Defence Minister’s earlier pronouncement that “President Assad, he does need to go ….” amount to an endorsement for illegal regime change against a sovereign, non-belligerent, U.N member country, but Canada’s membership in NATO and Canada’s proven complicity in regime change operations amounts to the height of criminality according to Nuremburg standards.

Additionally, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2254 states that “(t)he Syrian people will decide the future of Syria,” and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2253  imposes

"asset freeze, travel ban, arms embargo and listing criteria for ISIL, Al-Qaida and ‘associated individuals, groups, undertaking and entities’"

Not only is Canada’s regime-change mission against Syria entirely illegal, but our huge military hardware contract  with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia implicates Canada further, especially since Saudi Arabia is a chief financier to the terrorists invading Syria.

And now that our staunch ally the U.S openly admits to supporting Al Qaeda/Al Nursra Front terrorists in Syria, we are even further implicated by association.

Canada’s illegal sanctions, which serve to besiege all Syrian citizens, and therefore render assistance to invading terrorists, are also a weapon of aggression against the innocent and the righteous.

In terms of the “War on Terror”, Syria wins easily, since Syria and its allies are waging a legitimate war against terrorism, while Canada and its allies are waging war shoulder to shoulder with all the terrorists  in Syria – there are no moderates ---  in an imperial military campaign aimed at destroying Syria and effecting illegal regime change.

And Canada’s pro-terrorism position isn’t limited to Syria either.  We supported al Qaeda to destroy Libya, and we support neo-Nazis in Ukraine – the same ones that spear-headed the illegal junta. 

While it is abundantly clear that Canada supports rather than opposes terrorism, Syria, on the other hand, fights terrorism, with all its heart and soul – and they have plenty of both.

Syria’s fight in defence of its sovereignty and territorial integrity against some of the most disgusting of terrorists is righteous. 

Virginia Senator Richard H. Black describes the terrorist modus operandi in these words:

Terrorists are the criminals–not the Syrians. Much is made of alleged mistreatment of rebels in Syrian prisons. By contrast, the rebels have no prisons. They murder their captives–beheading, crucifying, stoning, burning or drowning them in steel cages. Rebels post hundreds of videos, depicting mass executions of prisoners and battlefield cannibalism. Many of their victims are women, children, priests and elderly noncombatants. International Law is clear; terrorists who commit such crimes are not entitled to protections under the Geneva Conventions. When terrorists attack civilian targets with suicide-bombs, ravage Syria’s wives and behead their sons, they can hardly expect gentle treatment in response.

In terms of advancing the cause of democracy, Canada also loses to Syria.  Whereas government controlled areas of Syria hold elections – the most recent Presidential elections had a participation rate of 73% and President al-Assad won a majority with 88% of the vote -- Canada supports the terrorist occupied areas --- of which none holds elections.

Freedoms of speech, of dissent, of religion, are all showcased in government-held areas of Syria, in contrast to terrorist occupied areas, where children are indoctrinated in the teaching of Wahhabism, where misogyny is rampant, Sharia law is practiced, and ethnic cleansing is common.

So in terms of advancing the causes of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law; in terms of protecting human rights; and in terms of actually fighting rather than engaging in terrorism, Syria far outstrips Canada.

Our government projects a false international image of promoting liberty, freedom, and democracy, as we deny and abrogate those same values every single day.

The Canadian government and its agencies also propagandize Canadian citizens, so we too are a victimized by our government’s degeneracy.     

If Syrians were to announce the need for regime change against Canada, and then proceed to flood our country with foreign-backed terrorist mercenaries, we might have a better appreciation for what Syrians are forced to endure, thanks to our efforts.

The reality of government-sponsored false flag terrorism is a concern, but for the most part, Canadians are free to live their lives unhampered by reasonable fears of foreign mercenary terrorists, the thunder of Hell Cannon mortars, and the rattle of assault rifles. 

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New York Police Sergeant Finally Charged In Death of Eric Garner

Eric Garner

The sergeant has been stripped of her gun and badge. She now faces internal charges in the July 2014 death of Eric Garner, but still no criminal charges.

This marks the first official accusation of wrongdoing to date in the case that captured the attention of the nation, and the world. Along with killings like that of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the death of Eric Garner shined a spotlight on the issue of police brutality.

Still today, no one has been charged criminally in the death of Garner.

Now, New York Police Department Sgt. Kizzy Adonis has been charged, and it is leaving the family, friends and supporters of Eric Garner with some hope that somehow justice might begin to enter the stage.

Adonis was one of the supervising officers who was at the scene of Garner’s death on Staten Island. The incident occurred, infamously, over an arrest on suspicion of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes.

But Adonis was not part of the team out harassing Garner that day. Nevertheless, when she heard the radio call and realized she was close, she rerouted and showed up.

Adonis was charged with failure to supervise, which is an internal disciplinary sanction.

Still, Sgt. Ed Mullins, the head of her union, stood by her, calling the charge ridiculous and political.

“She didn’t have to go there — she chose to go there to help out and look what happens,” he stated. He claims that it was Commissioner William J. Bratton, not Adonis, who is to blame. “This incident stems from failed policies that ultimately led to the death of Eric Garner.”

Still today, no one has been charged criminally in the death of Garner.

The executing Officer Daniel Pantaleo, applied the hold and remains on desk duty.

A grand jury refused to indict him on criminal charges, even though the chokehold is banned under NYPD policy

Adonis had been promoted to sergeant shortly before Garner’s death. The department has 18 months to fileinternal charges against other officers involved in the killing. That makes the deadline this January 17th.

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Beat this: Earth does not move around the Sun, it is the other way round, says Saudi cleric

Saudi Cleric Says Earth Is Stationary and Doesn't Move

If you thought it was only Hindu radicals who were out to rewrite science, here is a Saudi cleric who will put all those people to shame who think Indians discovered aeroplane which travelled from one planet to another!

Sheik Bandar al-Khaibari is confident that Earth... wait for it... does not move! Yes and it gets worse as he tries to elaborate on the point:

We go to Sharjah airport to travel to China by plane, clear? Focus with me... If you say that it (Earth) rotates, if we leave Sharjah airport on an international flight to China. The Earth is rotating, right? So if the plane stops still on air, wouldn’t China be coming towards it? True or not? If the Earth rotates on the other direction, the plane will not be able to reach China, because China is also rotating as the plane rotates.

The video clip, where the cleric was seen making these bizarre claims, went viral on social media.

But this is not the first time that Saudi religious leaders have come up with out-of-the-world claims, which refute every scientific discovery made till date. Abd al-Aziz ibn Baz, who was the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia from 1993 to 1999, believed that the Earth was flat.

He only changed his mind in 1985 when Saudi Prince Sultan bin Salman returned after a week aboard the space shuttle Discovery to tell him personally that he had seen the Earth rotate!

While the latest remark by al-Khaibari has been ridiculed on social media, it has also started a debate in Saudi Arabia over the country's ultra-conservative religious authority, which even the newly-enthroned King Salman believes in.

Al-Khaibari delivered this lecture on astronomy in late January. According to he has given similar lectures sponsored by the Saudi government.

Quoting David Weinberg, a senior fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, the website said: "It makes perfect sense for a Saudi cleric to be arguing that the sun revolves around the Earth because this is the sort of message they are getting from on high."

Watch the video here:

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US Government Says It’s No Longer Against al-Qaeda

Central to America’s war against terrorism was al-Qaeda as being the specific target, but, on August 16th, a US Defense Department spokesperson said that al-Qaeda is no longer an enemy of the United States at all, and that only ISIS is America’s enemy in the war against terrorism. However, Congress never authorized anything but al-Qaeda to be the enemy in the war against terrorism. Consequently, President Obama is now violating the law by his no longer targeting al-Qaeda at all, and he is also ignoring the law by his targeting ISIS (as he has long been doing) without requesting a new authorization from Congress to do so – an authorization that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress would be virtually certain to grant immediately. This new war-authorization would need to rectify a key failing of the original war-authorization, by naming «jihadism» specifically as America’s enemy, so that regardless of what a particular jihadist group is, it can legally be a target to eliminate. Under the existing resolution, only al-Qaeda can be targeted, because that was the group which was ultimately determined to have caused 9/11, and because the existing war-authorization is restricted to only the organization that perpetrated that specific jihadist act. This new war-authorization would thus need to replace, instead of modify, the existing authorization, so that US military action can legally be taken against any jihadist group, and not only (as at present) against al-Qaeda.

The Congressional resolution that on 14 September 2001 authorized the US President to make war in response to 9/11, declared the President «authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001». That was subsequently interpreted to refer to al-Qaeda. Bush invaded Iraq on 19 March 2003 by declaring that Iraq supported al-Qaeda. Congress – including Hillary Clinton and America’s ‘news’ media – accepted that allegation and never challenged Bush on it, and so authorized him to invade, for 12 reasons, of which five were:

• Members of al-Qaeda, an organization bearing responsibility for attacks on the United States, its citizens, and interests, including the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, are known to be in Iraq.

• Iraq’s «continu[ing] to aid and harbor other international terrorist organizations,» including anti-United States terrorist organizations.

• Iraq paid bounty to families of suicide bombers.

• The efforts by the Congress and the President to fight terrorists, and those who aided or harbored them.

• The authorization by the Constitution and the Congress for the President to fight anti-United States terrorism.

In other words: One reason was that Iraq was behind «anti-United States terrorism», and another was that al-Qaeda was «known to be in Iraq», but there were five reasons in total that referred to the 9/11 event – and yet this resolution had to do with Iraq, not with 9/11.

So, the two resolutions on the basis of which Obama is ‘authorized’ by Congress to oppose ‘terrorism’ (meaning only Islamic terrorism, more correctly known as jihadism) are specifically against al-Qaeda. That’s what he’s authorized to fight. The Iraq-invasion resolution did more generally include also «other international terrorist organizations», but pertains only to Iraq (and President Bush announced that that war against Iraq was over; so, the US now operates militarily in Iraq only with explicit authorization from Iraq’s government).

In Syria, al-Qaeda was called al-Nusra, and they recently changed their name and are sometimes referred to as «the former al-Nusra», but they’re al-Qaeda in Syria, whatever their name.

However, the US ‘Defense’ Department held a press briefing, on 16 August 2016 in Baghdad, concerning both Syria and Iraq, and asserted that the US isn’t concerned about al-Qaeda, in either Syria or Iraq, but only about «ISIL» or ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, which the Sauds call DAESH (the Arabic acronym for ISIL) and so he did too:

«We’re not focused on the former al-Nusra Front. We’re focused on Daesh. And that’s what we’re fighting and that’s where therefore we look and where we target».

Now the only US target in the war against ‘terrorism’ is the only jihadist organization that wants to defeat and replace the Saud family – the family that (along with George W. Bush) was behind 9/11.

Here’s the video of that comment by him, and of the journalist’s then angering that Pentagon spokesman at 3:25 by referring to al-Nusra as «forces that might be backed by the United States» (at which phrase the journalist’s eyes went down to the ground in recognition that he is aware that that has actually been true all along in Syria – that the US has been supporting every jihadist (or ‘terrorist’) group there (especially al-Nusraexcept «Daesh», because they’re all trying to overthrow Assad (and because DAESH are threatening to overthrow the Sauds for being insufficiently Islamic). So, because DAESH-ISIS are a threat to the Sauds, the US focuses its war-effort (in addition to being against Assad) against ISIS, and ignores the other jihadists in Syria. All of the jihadists in Syria are fighting to overthrow Assad, and so (other than the Sauds’ enemy, ISIS), all of the jihadists in Syria are actually strong assets to the US war against Assad.

The Pentagon spokesperson started his response to that with a personal comment, and then simply repeated that the US doesn’t care about al-Nusra or any other jihadist group except «Daesh».

Actually, Obama isn’t authorized to carry out any military operation against «Daesh», because the 9/11 resolution «authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001». And ISIS didn’t even exist back then. We hadn’t produced it yet.

Congress hasn’t authorized him to have any military operation to overthrow Assad. Nor even any military operation to kill ISIS. Obama is a renegade US President who hates Russians and who wants to kill any nation’s leader who is friendly toward Russia (such as Gaddafi, Yanukovych, and Assad). And with the cooperation of the Congress and the ‘news’ media that are controlled by the same US aristocracy that controls him, he’s being given a virtually free rein to do just this – regardless of the existing laws.

The truth is that Barack Obama is obsessed against Russia, and that Assad is an ally of Russia, and Obama wants to overthrow him the way that he and his predecessor overthrew other nations’ leaders who were friendly or allied with Russia: Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and Viktor Yanukovych. Obama is trying to win World War III, not the Cold War – which, in his mind, never ended, and cannot end, until Russia itself becomes surrounded and conquered.

Like Obama’s friend and advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski argued in his 1997 The Grand Chessboard, and Obama evidently also believes, this is a «chess game» that will be won only once the Russians’ ‘king’ (ruling elite) gets overthrown while the American ‘king’ (ruling elite) is still standing. And that’s the way the US aristocracy (and its agents, including the ‘news’ media, and the US government) handle it.

The American public thinks that jihadists are our enemy, but the American aristocracy has no problem with jihadists – their friends, the Saudi aristocracy, are competing in the oil-and-gas market against the Russians, not against the jihadists.

And America’s aristocracy couldn’t care less about the American public.

And that’s why a US President is allowed to break US law with impunity, and say (through an agent) «we’re not focused on the former al-Nusra Front. We’re focused on Daesh. And that’s what we’re fighting and that’s where therefore we look and where we target».

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Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein goes on a tweetstorm about Harambe and the media

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein arrives at a rally of Bernie Sanders supporters on the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 26. Thomson Reuters

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein lashed out at the media early on Monday, criticizing journalists for covering her tweet about Harambe — the gorilla that was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo when a young boy fell into his enclosure — more than her statements on police brutality and racism in America.

"The killing of Harambe 3 months ago today reminds us to be a voice for the voiceless," Stein tweeted on August 28.

The tweet received more than 5,600 retweets and over 6,000 favorites.

In the tweet, she linked to an official statement in which she emphasized "the need to adopt stronger legal protections for the rights of animals" in light of Harambe's killing.

The statement, dated June 1, goes on to suggest that zoos should be illegal: "Harambe was killed by a zoo which raises revenues by selling tickets to see captive animals, including primates... the Green Party believes that captivity for such entertainment is ethically wrong and fundamentally exploitive and should be illegal."

According to Stein, over 100 journalists replied to her tweet about Harambe, which prompted her to condemn the media for covering her statement on Harambe more than her repeated calls to end police violence and address racism in the wake of increased reports of police shootings of African-American men.

On Monday, she tweeted that "100+ journalists replied to my tweet on Harambe. Where were they when I called to end racism & police violence?"

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10 Reasons ‘The Biggest Bernie Sanders Booster On The Internet’ Will Vote For Jill Stein

The Huffington Post referred to me in an interview as “the biggest Bernie Sanders booster on the internet.” The Washington Post called me “the unofficial scribe of Sanders’s most hardcore voters.” I’ve been blamed for the “fall” of Salon by POLITICO because I dared compare Clinton to Dick Cheney, even though Paul Wolfowitz, Robert Kagan, and other neocons prefer Clinton over Trump. My over 200 articles in The Huffington Post, The Hill, and Salon advocating Bernie Sanders have been up-voted thousands of times on Reddit, although my recent Reddit AMA was overrun by Correct the Record trolls.

While I was one of the few people predicting a Bernie Sanders presidency, there’s no way I could have predicted WikiLeaks DNC emails showing massive corruption. This bizarre election has resulted in my YouTube channel gaining over 27,000 subscribers and one of my Huffington Post pieces earning over 816,000 Facebook Likes. I’ve also been on television numerous times, from CNN to MSNBC, advocating Bernie Sanders for president.

Overall, this election has brought out the true nature of the Democratic Party. As TYT’s Jordan Chariton explains here, Sanders supporters were unfairly painted as privileged Bernie Bros. In contrast, Hillary voters were seen as pragmatists who ignored Clinton’s FBI’s criminal investigation, various cyber hacks and Clinton Foundation controversies. The playing field was always tilted towards Hillary Clinton and the DNC helped raise over $60 million for the Hillary Victory Fund. Five top DNC officials (including Debbie Wasserman Schultz) resigned because of WikiLeaks, and instead of acknowledging the fact Democrats cheated Bernie Sanders, the DNC has blamed Russia. I explain in this YouTube segment why Democrats are already blaming Putin for the next WikiLeaks revelation.

However, progressives still have an alternative to Clinton or Trump, even after Bernie’s endorsement of Clinton. Dr. Jill Stein represents everything championed by Bernie Sanders and provides even more energy to the political revolution fostered by Vermont’s Senator. Below are ten reasons to vote for Dr. Jill Stein in 2016, without fearing a possible Trump presidency, and with the understanding that structural change must begin during this election.

1. Jill Stein is against perpetual American counterinsurgency wars.

Like Bernie Sanders, Dr. Stein and Ajamu Baraka are against an overreaching foreign policy that inevitably creates new enemies and unintended blowback.

Although critics claim a vote for Stein is akin to voting for Ralph Nader in 2000, the reality is that Al Gore was never advised by Henry Kissinger or Bush’s neoconservatives. George W. Bush’s neocons have shunned Trump and The Intercept’s Rania Khalek explains that Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton:

AS HILLARY CLINTON puts together what she hopes will be a winning coalition in November, many progressives remain wary — but she has the war hawks firmly behind her.

“I would say all Republican foreign policy professionals are anti-Trump,” leading neoconservative Robert Kagan told a group gathered around him, groupie-style, at a “foreign policy professionals for Hillary” fundraiser I attended last week. “I would say that a majority of people in my circle will vote for Hillary.”

As the co-founder of the neoconservative think tank Project for the New American Century, Kagan played a leading role in pushing for America’s unilateral invasion of Iraq and insisted for years afterward that it had turned out great.

Despite the catastrophic effects of that war, Kagan insisted at last week’s fundraiser that U.S. foreign policy over the last 25 years has been “an extraordinary success.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s know-nothing isolationism has led many neocons to flee the Republican ticket. And some, like Kagan, are actively helping Clinton, whose hawkishness in many ways resembles their own.
When the same people who advised Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld prefer Clinton over Trump, it’s time to vote for Jill Stein.

Half to two-thirds of all the Americans killed or wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan were the victims of IED blasts; the hallmark of today’s counterinsurgency warfare. Jill Stein will work to end this madness, while Clinton will appease her neoconservative allies.

2. Like Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein will break up Too Big to Fail banks and reinstate Glass-Steagall.

Jill Stein wants to break up Too Big to Fail banks and implement structural reforms to prevent the next global financial collapse. In contrast, both Trump and Clinton will either leave these banks alone, or implement minute and “vapid” reforms. Robert Reich explained in 2015 why Hillary Clinton’s economic plan fails to address true structural reform:

But, if you hadn’t noticed, Wall Street’s investment bankers, key traders, top executives, and hedge-fund and private-equity managers wield extraordinary power.

They’re major sources of campaign contributions to both parties…

Key members of Congress, especially those involved with enacting financial laws or overseeing financial regulators, have fat paychecks waiting for them on Wall Street when they retire…

And why even the fines imposed on the banks have been only a fraction of the banks’ potential gains.

And also why Dodd-Frank has been watered down into vapidity…

But no big bank has come up with one that passes muster. Federal investigators have found them all “unrealistic.”

That’s not surprising because if they were realistic, the banks would effectively lose their hidden “too-big-to-fail” subsidies.

Given all this, Hillary Clinton’s proposals would only invite more dilution and finagle.

The only way to contain the Street’s excesses is with reforms so big, bold, and public they can’t be watered down – busting up the biggest banks and resurrecting Glass-Steagall.

While establishment Democrats focus on Dodd-Frank to prevent the next collapse, Reich states it’s been “watered down into vapidity.”
Acknowledging Clinton’s policies won’t prevent the next collapse, and that breaking up Too Big to Fail banks is desperately needed, Reich’s support for Clinton is rooted primarily in a fear of Trump. For many Bernie supporters, this fear isn’t enough to vote for Clinton. Jill Stein is the only politician left standing who’ll address the structural issues highlighted by Reich and other progressive economists.

3. Jill Stein opposes the TPP.

Hillary Clinton picked Tim Kaine and pushed for the TPP 45 times as Secretary of State. Do you trust Hillary Clinton to continue her opposition to the TPP? Do you trust Clinton on any issue?

In contrast, Donald Trump is actually against the Trans Pacific Partnership.

4. Jill Stein isn’t beholden to donors or corporate money.

Bill and Hillary Clinton earned $153 million in Wall Street speaking fees since 2001. Eighty-five Clinton Foundation donors who met with Secretary Clinton donated $156 million dollars; the relevance is the money, not the total number of people she met as America’s top diplomat. I explain in this YouTube segment the consequences of U.S. foreign policy being influenced by Clinton Foundation donors.

From prison lobbyists to foreign donors, Hillary Clinton has taken hundreds of millions. As for the oil and gas lobby, “Greenpeace has tracked $2,650,580 in bundled and direct donations from lobbyists currently registered as lobbying for the fossil fuel industry.”

5. As president, Dr. Jill Stein will abolish all student debt.

There’s no need to even discuss Clinton or Trump on this issue, since neither will abolish all student debt. If you feel this goal is unattainable, I explain here why almost all of Trump’s policies will be blocked by Congress.

6. Jill Stein will push to legalize marijuana.

Trump and Clinton won’t advocate federal legalization of marijuana and Clinton will only take incremental steps to legalization.

7. Jill Stein has never used racism to gain votes.

From spreading a photo of Barack Obama in African attire to running a 3 a.m. ad with a racist sub-message, Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign utilized racist undertones. There’s no need to even discuss the racism used by Trump.

8. Stein and Ajamu Baraka are fueled by progressive values and principles.

Clinton and Trump are motivated by many things; progressive values and principles are undoubtedly absent or on the bottom of the list.

Hillary Clinton evolved on gay marriage in 2013. Do you know any Democrats who were against gay marriage by the end of 2012?

9. Jill Stein isn’t linked to FBI investigations or constant scandal and controversy.

There’s no need to discuss the endless scandal and controversy associated with Trump and Clinton. I explain here why three FBI field offices were blocked by the DOJ from investigating the Clinton Foundation.

10. Fearing Trump isn’t a valid reason to vote for Hillary Clinton.

If Jill Stein represents your value system and vision for America, then vote Jill Stein.

Four years of Trump will lead to eight years of a Democrat or possibly a Green Party candidate. Four years of Clinton will undoubtedly lead to eight years of Paul Ryan or Ted Cruz. Jill Stein represents honesty, integrity, and structural change. If you voted for Bernie Sanders, Dr. Stein offers you not only a continuation of his movement, but a vibrant and even stronger Green Party platform.

H. A. Goodman Columnist published in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Baltimore Sun, The Hill, Salon, The Jerusalem Post

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Hang on, did Owen Smith just tell everyone he had a 29-inch penis?

(Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images)

Fresh from telling us all that he had never used Viagra because ‘he didn’t need to’, Owen Smith has revealed more about that monster lurking in his trousers.

Attendees at a Labour campaign rally in Hull said that the Pontypridd MP gestured to his croch area, and said, ‘29 inches – inner leg measurement of course’.

Now we know why he has that air of quiet confidence.

But a spokesman for his campaign said that the joke had been taken out of context, and, ‘It was a self-deprecating joke about his height.’

Well that’s alright, then.

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Jill Stein tweets memorial for gorilla, internet meme and poll rival Harambe

Two weeks after she polled even with the dead gorilla Harambe in a survey of Texas voters, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said on Sunday that the primate’s killing by Cincinnati zookeepers in May was a reminder to speak up for those who cannot.

“The killing of Harambe 3 months ago today reminds us to be a voice for the voiceless,” Stein tweeted, with a link to a statement she originally issued in early June.

The statement called for “protections for the rights of animals”. The Stein campaign did not immediately reply to a request for elaboration on Sunday’s tweet.

Harambe, a 17-year-old silverback gorilla, was shot dead after grabbing a three-year-old boy who had climbed into its enclosure and dragging him through a moat.

The episode has inspired a circus of online activity – Harambe is a meme – that grew so intense last week that the Cincinnati zoo asked people to stop talking about the incident.

“We are not amused by the memes, petitions and signs about Harambe,” director Thane Maynard said. “Our zoo family is still healing and the constant mention of Harambe makes moving forward more difficult for us.”

This week, the zoo deactivated its social media accounts. Maynard’s own Twitter account was previously hacked and filled with messages about Harambe.

Stein and Harambe attracted an equal share of support, 2%, from likely Texas voters surveyed on their opinions of the presidential contest between 12 and 14 August by Public Policy Polling. A RealClearPolitics polling average has Stein’s national support at 3.3%.

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Israel’s war on open discourse: State censorship now reaches into international news sources and social media

(Credit: Stock image via Shutterstock)

Since the beginning of this year, Israel’s attempts to control what people can read and write within the country and in occupied Palestinian territories have increased, reaching into new areas in ways that are of concern.

Of course, all states carefully monitor information, and Israel is not the only country that advertises itself as being an “open democracy” while imposing strict kinds of censorship.  But recent developments in Israel signal not only the kinds of things it wishes to censor beyond its borders, but also how it is systematically censoring political dissent and monitoring social media.  

Israel’s authority to carry out such monitoring and censorship still largely derive from measures called the “Defense (Emergency) Regulations,” which were put in place in 1945 during the British Mandate.  These have been adapted to the present day in three problematic manners.  First, Israel is imposing gag orders on international journalists.  In some cases, this holds true even if the information included in an international report is already available in Israel itself.  This puts international journalists and editors in the difficult position of determining how much information is worth fighting for.

Second, Israel is using a vague and broad notion of “incitement” to arrest and detain individuals for things they post on Facebook and Twitter, and requiring that certain individuals gain the State’s approval before posting.  Furthermore, Israel has publicly shamed Facebook for not catching certain posts in time — in effect, Israel is asking Facebook to adopt the State’s criteria for what is to be censored.  Finally, Israel has also tried to enlist Facebook and Twitter to its cause, and recruited other countries to form a consortium of watchdogs.

The New York Times recently gave in to a request to honor an Israeli court order.  This involved the reporting on the case of an Israeli soldier who shot a 21-year-old Palestinian man in the head from point-blank range, killing him, even though he was already shot, wounded, and lay incapacitated on the ground.  As The Intercept’s Robert Mackey reported that day, “The soldier’s name was not used in the Israeli media, but his supporters online, calling him a hero, drew attention to what appears to be his Facebook profile. That account, in the name of Cpl. Elor Azaria, includes several photographs that closely match the appearance of the soldier seen in the video, as well as a recent commendation of his service from the army.”  

Yet despite this information being available in Israel and elsewhere, Israel contacted the New York Times and asked that the soldier’s name not be mentioned in their coverage.

Glenn Greenwald noted:

In this case, there’s no valid rationale for censoring the name of the soldier. He’s a criminal defendant in a high-profile case that, at least originally, involved charges of murder. His face is in the video. His name has been spread all over the internet by his supporters heralding him as a hero. His name has also been reported by media outlets — including The Intercept — not subject to Israeli censorship orders.”  

Nevertheless, even while acknowledging this exposure, the New York Times honoredIsrael’s request.

The New York Times’sdeputy international editor, Jodi Rudoren, replied to Greenwald’s request for an explanation: “Whether we comply, defy, or challenge an order in court in a foreign jurisdiction is a decision we make based on the particular facts before us. In this case, we felt we could tell the story of how this case is roiling Israeli society without the soldier’s name. Had we thought that the court order prevented us from providing a robust, complete version of that debate, we would have considered workaround options we have used in the past — reporting the story from outside Israel.”

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