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Here’s why Prince Charles' decision to make Camilla Queen is Wrong

How would you feel about a Queen Camilla, as in the wife of King Charles? Personally I’d be dead against, for reasons I’ll bore you with later, but what matters is how the nation feels. Because the Prince of Wales very much wants Camilla to be queen when he becomes king.

As has been reported elsewhere, there’s now a veritable ops department at Clarence House — jovially called ‘QC’ by its members — who are responsible for ensuring that the middle class is prepared for just this outcome. Actually, that’s probably over-egging it. Seems QC is more of a concept than a war cabinet, but also that if you’re not with the programme, you don’t last long in Clarence House.

Trouble is, this isn’t a good year for the project, formal or informal. It’s the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, and you know what that means: a year-long reminder of the existence of the woman who was, is, the great impediment to the Queen Camilla project, indeed who was the living impediment to the relationship between Charles and Camilla even before her untimely death.

So, we’ve got the exhibition at Kensington Palace of Diana in Fashion — where she really shone, for she was, whatever else you say about her, lovely — and the timely reissue of biographies, notably that by Sally Bedell Smith of Prince Charles, which did him no favours, and, still to come, whopping retrospectives for the anniversary by every British newspaper and broadcaster, and most American and Australian ones. Admittedly, it is only those who were around 20 years ago and who can remember the seismic effect of the death of the princess for whom all this matters, but there are a lot of us.

It’s a generational thing. Young people aren’t much exercised by royalty (though fond of the Queen), by titles or by marriage generally — but for those old enough to have been Princess Diana’s contemporaries, the reminder of her existence is oddly moving. So it’s not an ideal time for the prince, for Camilla and for those who want to see Camilla named queen in due course, rather than given the less loaded title of princess consort.

Foremost among them is Charles, rather than the Duchess of Cornwall herself. ‘This matters hugely to him,’ said one journalist who’s followed the royal family for a good 30 years. ‘She is the woman he loves, for whom he’s put himself — and us — through so much. And he thinks we’d adore her rather more as queen than with a slightly lesser title.’ The Prince wants her to get the ultimate recognition, the 15-gun salute, that goes with the title of queen. It may have been good enough for Prince Albert to be prince consort and for the Duke of Edinburgh to be the Duke of Edinburgh, but Prince Charles — a notoriously stubborn man — wants us to have Camilla on his terms.

An unfortunate circumstance from this perspective was the death this week of the journalist Steve Hewlett, who happened to have been the Panorama editor presiding over Martin Bashir’s extraordinary interview with Princess Diana. That was the one in which she observed that ‘there were three of us in that marriage’: a line which, apparently, Ruby Wax — a friend of Diana’s — came up with. That gave the British public a glimpse of the pain that Prince Charles’s adultery caused his wife. For a project based on the principle of softly softly catchee monkey, it was a disagreeable intrusion into the gradual acceptance of Camilla as part of the national furniture.

The endeavour to turn Camilla into a beloved national figure when once people pelted her with bread rolls in a Sainsbury’s car park has in fact been brilliantly managed; nothing to frighten the horses. She’s been insinuated gradually into national life. We’ve got to the point where her minders will let her be photographed having a drink, though not so far that she can be seen smoking; she is sometimes shown with Charles, more often alone.

Plainly she likes her position — unlimited means, beautiful jewels, lovely clothes and an undemanding and agreeable lifestyle — and when she does her charity work (her pet project is osteoporosis) she’s respectfully received, though there’s nothing like the adulation Diana got. Her children are kept judiciously, amicably, separate from Clarence House and Sandringham — contrast with the Middletons, who are very much in evidence.

But there are, still, a number of impediments to the QC project. Not in Prince Charles’s immediate entourage, for the simple and sufficient reason that he has people around him who agree with him. Apparently, the replacement of his former private secretary, William Nye, with Clive Alderton was of a piece with his insistence that his courtiers should advance the cause — and if students of Tudor history find parallels with Henry VIII’s insistence, after falling for Anne Boleyn, that his people advance his marital affairs, well, that’s just how I see it too.

The Queen is not exactly an obstacle — her view, it seems, is the pragmatic one that she has done her bit for the monarchy; what happens after she’s gone is up to Charles. But the prince’s sons are perhaps a different story. The PR from the Palace is that William and Harry are best friends with Camilla; the reality may be a little edgier. They know how their parents’ marriage unravelled. But they are, crucially, financially dependent on their father. William will cease to be only when he’s Prince of Wales; that may affect their behaviour. And for Prince Harry, Camilla has meant his relationship with Meghan Markle has had an easy ride. Once, the notion that the Prince of Wales’s son might marry an American divorcee would have been huge — shades of Wallis Simpson. In the wake of Charles marrying his mistress, whose husband is very much alive, Ms Markle doesn’t seem such a big deal.

Which brings us to the real reason why I think Queen Camilla would be a bad thing. It would reward adultery, a relationship between two people married to others, which caused enormous hurt to their respective spouses. To crown Camilla queen would be to suggest that adultery doesn’t matter, that if you persist in wrong behaviour long enough it’ll be worth your while, at least in this life. A lesser title would seem less overtly triumphalist. Camilla is a mistress made good; if she were queen, it would be to diminish the residual value of matrimony. That matters.

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Saudi Arabia is prepared to deploy ground troops to Syria to Fight ISIS

{gallery}Saudi Arabia is prepared to deploy ground troops to Syria to Fight ISIS{/gallery}

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An Israeli arrested in a Colombian airport after threatening to explode a bomb

A 49-year-old Israeli man was detained by police at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia, after he reportedly threatened to set off an explosive device.

According to local police, the man, identified as Joseph Bronfen, was awaiting a domestic LATAM Airlines flight from Bogota to Barranquilla, which was delayed by an hour and 40 minutes.

As the 135 passengers boarded the delayed flight, Bronfen said that if there were any additional delays, he would “activate the bomb” that he was carrying.
Flight attendants alerted police, who boarded the plane and removed Bronfen. Security officers searched his luggage and did not find  any explosive device.

According to reports, Bronfen was deported from Colombia.

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Wikileaks New Documents Suggest Obama Was Working On Behalf Of Saudi Regime

The emails, which date back to 2008, are from Michael Froman who is the former Citibank executive.Froman told Obama who to appoint to his cabinet as soon as he was elected president. ZeroHedge reports: Perhaps the most startling discovery of the WikiLeaks dumps so far didn’t come from the most recent emails surrounding the various Hillary scandals, though there are many great ones, but from 2008 when John Podesta served as co-chair of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. The email came from Michael Froman, a former Citibank executive, who single-handedly built the entire cabinet of what was supposed to be the “main street” President.The email in question was even sent from Froman’s Citibank email address  (rookie!) and includes “A list of African American, Latino and Asian American candidates, broken down by Cabinet/Deputy and Under/Assistant/Deputy Assistant level, plus a list of Native American, Arab/Muslim American and Disabled American candidates.”Apparently, Obama wasn’t as worried about placing women in senior-level positions but Froman decided to offer up some suggestions anyway.”While you did not ask for this, I prepared and attached a similar document on women.”

Froman even went ahead and “scoped out” which people should be appointed to which cabinet positions.”At the risk of being presumptuous, I also scoped out how the Cabinet-level appointments might be put together, probability-weighting the likelihood of appointing a diverse candidate for each position (given one view of the short list) and coming up with a straw man distribution.”

He spoke repeatedly about the need to have in place people with ambition and urgency who recognize how much the middle class is hurting and are willing to challenge the financial industry.According to New Republic, the Froman appointments ended up being almost entirely right.The cabinet list ended up being almost entirely on the money. It correctly identified Eric Holder for the Justice Department, Janet Napolitano for Homeland Security, Robert Gates for Defense, Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff, Peter Orszag for the Office of Management and Budget, Arne Duncan for Education, Eric Shinseki for Veterans Affairs, Kathleen Sebelius for Health and Human Services, Melody Barnes for the Domestic Policy Council, and more. For the Treasury, three possibilities were on the list: Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, and Timothy Geithner.
This was October 6. The election was November 4. And yet Froman, an executive at Citigroup, which would ultimately become the recipient of the largest bailout from the federal government during the financial crisis, had mapped out virtually the entire Obama cabinet, a month before votes were counted. And according to the Froman/Podesta emails, lists were floating around even before that.Many already suspected that Froman, a longtime Obama consigliere, did the key economic policy hiring while part of the transition team. We didn’t know he had so much influence that he could lock in key staff that early, without fanfare, while everyone was busy trying to get Obama elected. The WikiLeaks emails show even earlier planning; by September the transition was getting pre-clearance to assist nominees with financial disclosure forms.

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Factors that brought al-Jubeir to Iraq\ Riyadh is trying to get out of isolation


Rai al-Youm, an Arab world digital news website, has investigated the reasons of Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir’s unexpected visit to Iraq and his meeting with Iraqi officials.

“Given that Iraq is the shortest and widest channel to reach out to Tehran, it could be an interpretation for Saudi Foreign Minister’s unexpected visit to Iraq and his meeting with his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Iraqi President Fuad Masum. Adel al-Jubeir stressed on starting a new era in the relations between the two countries, and supporting the reconstruction project of liberated occupied territories in Mosul from ISIS and etc,” Rai al-Youm wrote.

“The ties between the two countries were tense and even was cut off. The peak of that was provocative and sectarian tweets from Thamer Sabhan, the first Saudi ambassador to Baghdad. It led Saudi Arabia cut its ties with Iraq for years. Saudi Arabia was forced to announce him persona non grata by Iraqi Foreign Ministry and replace him to save his life after receiving threats. So the trip was unexpected,” Rai al-Youm added.

The Arab world digital news website presented several reasons for changing Saudi Arabia’s debatable stance toward Iraq:

First: Unity of the Iraqi authorities in the fight against terrorism, recapturing many occupied towns and cities by the Islamic State and significant progress in the liberalization of Mosul

Second: Iraqi fighters expanded their operational scope backed by Iran, Syria and the US. They bombarded ISIS positions at the border town of Bukamal. This means regional and international powers agreed on the role of the Iraqi government in Syria. Iraqi army will kick off Al Rigga liberation operations after liberating Mosul.

Third: fighters affiliated to the Islamic State attacked Trebil center located on the borders of Iraq and Jordan, and killed many militants. This center is close to the Saudi border. There has also been some reports on ISIS’ activity in Al Anbar, near the northern regions of Saudi Arabia.

Fourth: Saudi officials realized that the isolation policy and engaging in tribal conflicts with neighboring countries, is very dangerous and they should be flexible and supple. Saudi Arabia’s ties with Syria is cold, it is at war in Yemen, its ties with Iran is tense and its relation with Iraq has been almost cut.

Fifth: Saudi Arabia has found out Iraq and Iran will play an important role in the region in the near future especially in resolving the Syrian crisis. Saudi Arabia well knows the dialogue with Iran is the only way to get out of Yemen swamp. Iraq is the best mediator in the field.

Rai al-Youm wrote: “to summarize, Jubeir’s surprise visit to Baghdad shows Saudi Arabia changes its policy and puts its efforts to break its regional isolation. Perhaps it admits that it failed in the country’s stressful policies by sectarian that has been pursued by Saudi Arabia over the years. In this regard, Jubeir’s trip to Baghdad has been the first visit by a senior Saudi official since 2003.”

“The trip indicates that the Riyadh government finally become rational. And now they tends to be more flexible, avoid stress and conflict and the necessity to back to the moral and political criteria,” the Arabic website added.

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Dr Rouhani to reach Islamabad on 28th of February

The representatives and heads of the states from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan will be participating and discussing different economic developmental projects.

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Hasan Rouhani wil also arrive in the summit on 27th of February on the invitation of Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Shareef. He will be meeting different government officials and signing different economic deals.

According to the Iranian news sources, Dr. Rouhani will also meet the representatives from other states to discuss the economic projects that Iran has to offer.

The objective of ECO’s formation was to promote trade and economic development between the member countries and to remove obstacles that may come on its path.

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Death Toll increasing in the US

After burning many countries on some false pretext, the United States of America itself is now burning in the fire of terrorism. Whether it is Taliban in Afghanistan, the so-called moderate rebels in Syria who have been beheading innocent people or Al Qaeda in Iraq, the true face of the United States is now being revealed to many ignorant people of the world.

According to the foreign news sources, in different states of the country approximately 50 people have lost their lives to incidents of torture or shooting while 90 people have been admitted to hospitals in the current week. These incidents have more concentration in the states of Tennesse, Ohio and Pennsylvenia.

It has been revealed that around 900 such incidents have taken place since the beginning of this year in which 2500 people have lost their lives while more than 5000 have sustained injuries.

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Mom's Powerful Letter to Ivanka Trump About Her Transgender Daughter

Dear Ivanka,

My name is Isabel Rose and I bet if we played a quick game of Six Degrees of Separation we would discover many mutual acquaintances. This shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, we are both from prominent New York real estate families, we both attended private all-girls schools and went on to earn degrees from Ivy League colleges, and we both married smart Jewish men and now have young children. And I suspect, from the photos you share on your Instagram feed, that we also share a love of motherhood and would do anything to ensure the happiness and security of our kids.

When our second child was born, my husband and I rejoiced, just as I'm sure you and Jared did when each of your children were born. We already had a daughter and were thrilled to add a son to our growing brood. We named him Samuel and took him home from the hospital with hearts filled with anticipation and love.

Samuel liked to play dress up from a very young age. When he was two, his camp counselor sent us photos of him dressed up in princess costumes and a pink bonnet. At three, Samuel's preschool teacher informed us that he chose a tutu from the dress up bin instead of the doctor's lab coat or fireman jacket that the other boys favored. By four, Samuel broke out in hives when we tried to cut his hair, and at five he told us, through tears, that he wanted to burn his face off because it wasn't a girl face. He also tore at his genitalia with such hatred, I had to pin his arms down at his sides. "I'm not supposed to have a penis!" he sobbed night after night. "I'm supposed to have what you have, mommy."

At five he told us, through tears, that he wanted to burn his face off because it wasn't a girl face.


Ivanka, when I saw that photo you posted recently of you and your five-year-old daughter at the Supreme Court; I could tell you would have done exactly what I did next because you are a mother who wants her children to feel empowered. Yes, you, too, would have sought professional help. And I know you would have wept in relief, like I did, when you realized your child wasn't doomed to a lifetime of misery but was simply transgender.

Just before his sixth birthday, our Samuel became our Sadie, and we watched a butterfly break free from a chrysalis. Naturally, it was not what my husband or I had imagined when we held our infant son in our arms and uttered the phrase, "That's our boy!" Naturally, we went through a period of adjustment. But we always knew that our priority was our child's happiness. And that is exactly what we have today: a happy child.

Sadie, the first moment we let her be her true self. She couldn't stop hugging herself!

Indeed, our once-miserable son is now our thriving second grade daughter at one of New York City's top public schools. She wants to be a scientist and a doctor when she grows up so she can figure out how girls like her can become mothers using their own bodies. She takes piano lessons and likes to rock climb and go to museums, loves all the colors and shades of the rainbow, and her favorite flavor ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

You would have wept in relief, like I did, when you realized your child wasn't doomed to a lifetime of misery but was simply transgender.

What about your children, Ivanka? What do they want to be when they grow up? What do they do after school? What is their favorite ice cream? Who are they, beneath the trappings of their anatomy? Are they, like my child, a pure vessel of wonder and potential and love?

I bet they are.

And I bet that if you were me, you would be as proud as I am of my brave Little Miss!

And I also bet if you were me, you would be greatly dismayed if you found out that the government chose to rescind protections for transgender students that allow them to use the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity instead of their anatomy. Like me, you would look at your ultra-feminine eight-year-old, standing on the street corner waiting for the school bus, her already-elegant head held high, pink bow quivering in the wind, and you would say to yourself, "What on earth will my little princess do if someone forces her to go to the bathroom with the boys? She'll be mortified! She'll be bullied! She'll be scared."

What on earth will my little princess do if someone forces her to go to the bathroom with the boys? She'll be mortified! She'll be bullied! She'll be scared.

Ivanka, put yourself in my Jimmy Choos for a minute. What would you do if you were me?

Because I know exactly what I would do if I were you: I would take my father aside and explain that failing to protect innocent children's rights to use the bathroom of their choice is wrong and unfair and un-American. I would point out that removing protections for transgender kids is a distraction from the myriad other super-pressing issues facing our country. And I would also mention that picking a fight with school kids is an act of bullying and gently mention that bullying is uncool, especially when unprovoked, which is the case here.

If you have any questions, or want to sit down with me and meet my two daughters and husband, we'd be more than happy to have you over the next time you're in New York, or come to DC to meet you.

In the meantime, I truly thank you for taking the time to consider this matter from my perspective.

In good faith,

Isabel Rose

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Shocking moment former minister SLAPS MP during parliamentary debate caught on camera

n the startling clip, MP Jacinta Constancia can be seen whacking fellow MP Giselle McWilliam from behind as she prepared to address Parliament.

The debate slap down happened in the parliament of the Caribbean island of Curacao, a country which is a constituent member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

The footage of the slap has gone viral since it was published online and in the clip, Constancia can be seen approaching her fellow MP from behind. 

And as Ms McWilliam is caught off guard as she was slapped in the face as she prepared to address her colleagues. 

The MP, who wore a blue blouse, was taken to hospital after the shocking incident. 

Police are now investigating the incident after Ms McWilliam reportedly contacted the authorities abut the alleged slap.

Elsa Rozendal, a colleague of Ms McWilliam, has also gone to police regarding MP Constancia's behaviour. 

Speaking to officials, Ms Rozendal claimed she had been threatened after Constancia allegedly yelled: "You will also be beaten up."

The former health minister was arrested on the spot by the police who witnessed the incident. 

She remains in police custody on charges of assault.

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Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway's weird pose on Oval Office sofa sparks outrage... and a wave of memes

Counselor to the president Conway checks her phone after taking a photo (Photo: AFP)

Social media erupted Monday night after White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was pictured kneeling on the Oval Office couch to snap a photo of President Trump with leaders of historically black colleges.

The pictures of the Republican, who has come under fire in recent weeks for justifying the president's travel ban, has sparked sharp criticism online as Twitter users slammed her for being disrespectful.

At one point, with her high heels digging into the couch, Conway is seen to be texting on her phone while Trump meets with his guests.

Social media users were quick to mock the adviser's ill-advised pose.



"What are you doing on that couch Kellyanne Conway? Does not look respectful in the Oval Office," one Twitter user said.

Another said: "To be fair we shouldn't expect people born in barn to know any better. No respect for the highest office."

While the moment also sparked an outpouring of memes.



Trump was meeting with the leaders of the nation's historically black colleges and universities at the White House, committing to a partnership between his administration and the schools.

Conway has faced scrutiny over her conduct as an adviser to the president. Last week, a group of 15 legal ethics professors made a complaint to the Bar, accusing her of misconduct.

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UKIP on verge of splitting; donor Arron Banks threatens to walk away

UKIP is tonight on the verge of splitting as party money man Arron Banks threatened to walk away unless he is made chairman.

The diamond-mine owning multi-millionaire donor issued the ultimatum following leader Paul Nuttall’s humiliation in last week’s Stoke Central by-election.

Fuelling the civil war engulfing the crisis-hit party, Mr Banks stormed: “I am giving Paul Nuttall an ultimatum that either I become chairman and sort out UKIP by bringing in business people and professionals to make it electable or I am out of there.

“The party cannot continue to be run like a jumble sale. If Nuttall doesn’t professionalise it and toss out the likes of Douglas Carswell and the rest of the Tory cabal then the party is finished anyway.

“These dullards aren’t bringing in Tory votes, Stoke proved that. So what are they for?

“The party now needs to bring in serious people to fix its ramshackle administration, stay relevant and stay radical or it will die.”

Mr Banks wants Douglas Carswell (l) tossed out (Photo: PA)

Mr Carswell is UKIP’s only MP and twice won elections under its banner.

But his long-running feud with Mr Banks is at the centre of a vicious internal power struggle.

Centrists who want to modernise the party while right-wingers like Mr Banks, who is close to former leader Nige Farage, want to build a mass movement and focus on slashing immigration in the wake of the Brexit vote.

“Mr Carswell is a career politician and doesn’t care about UKIP. He has got to get out. So my first job as chairman would be to purge the party of these sorts of people,” Mr Banks told the Sunday Express.

“Carswell is welcome to go back to the Tories or stand as an independent but he will not be welcome under the UKIP banner.

“He has always been a green-eyed, jealous monster when it comes to Nigel.”

He added that losing the Stoke by-election “was the final straw”.

Mr Nuttall hoped victory in the Potteries would silence critics who claim UKIP is pointless now Britain has voted to leave the EU.

But Labour’s victory with a 2,600 majority dealt a hammer blow to a plan to target Labour in its northern and Midlands heartlands.

Paul Nuttall and Deputy Leader Peter Whittle tour Whitehaven (Photo: Jeff J Mitchell)

UKIP deputy leader Peter Whittle admitted it may have been a mistake for Mr Nuttall run in the seat.

“If there was one mistake we made, it was that maybe Paul shouldn’t have run so early,” he told the BBC.

“He’s only been leader for 12 weeks. People hadn’t got to know him well enough.”

Asked about Mr Banks becoming chairman, Mr Whittle insisted he had “always been very, very grateful for Arron’s contributions”.

“If Arron does take his money away, there are other people. Obviously I wouldn’t want that to happen,” he added.

“These sort of interventions are run-of-the-mill, they happen all the time within our party. It’s part of politics.

“I think the difference is, with us, people tend to see a kind of do-or-die situation in virtually every controversy.”

But key Nuttall ally, MEP Patrick O’Flynn, warned Mr Banks not throw his weight around.

He told the BBC: “I’m always happy if people who want to give money and support to our party want to stay in the party but I think the best donors donate and don’t seek to dictate.

“Of course if they are expert in certain fields people should listen to their views, but to have a donor telling the party leader who should be party chairman, that’s a non-starter.”


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Gerald Kaufman, The Zionist Who Turned On Israel In Disgust

(ANALYSIS) — Gerald Kaufman, the Jewish, British Labour MP who once controversially compared Israel’s devastating treatment of Gaza to the work of the Nazis, has died aged 86.

Kaufman was “Father of the House,” the longest-serving member on the benches, having entered parliament in 1970.

Born in 1930 to Polish immigrants, he became known for his irascible and confrontational style, and his often forthright opposition to Israel.

It was a dramatic turnaround for a man who, in early life, had been infatuated with Zionism. “I grew up a supporter of the state of Israel, I was brought up as a Zionist. I went to Israel again and again on holiday,” he told RT in 2014. But that infatuation quickly gave way to a disgust that grew deeper with every perceived Israeli transgression.

While critical of Israel in his early political life, it was perhaps in January of 2009, at the height of Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” war on Gaza, that Kaufman’s repulsion reached its heights, leading him to compare the Israeli government’s actions to those of the Nazis in Poland.


“My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town of Staszow. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed,” Kaufman told the House of Commons. “My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza.”

Israel’s claim that many of the Palestinian victims were Hamas militants “was the reply of the Nazi,” he said.

“I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants.”

It was an issue that informed Kaufman’s 47-year parliamentary career and made him one of the leading Jewish critics of Israel.

In 1972, he protested against the entry to Britain of former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, who plotted alongside fellow Yitzhak Shamir in 1948 to bomb the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, killing 91 people. Shamir later became twice prime minister.

In the 1980s, Kaufman continued to push Israel on its policies towards Palestine, meeting the PLO leader Yasser Arafat and railing against the treatment of Palestinians, describing Israel as a “pariah” and its senior politicians as “war criminals”.

He met many Palestinian leaders, including Arafat and the leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, each time drawing more fire from pro-Israel campaigners.

During Israel’s controversial “Defensive Wall” operation in April 2002, in which Arafat was besieged in his Ramallah headquaters, Kaufman told the Commons: “It is time to remind Ariel Sharon [the then prime minister of Israel] that the Star of David belongs to all Jews, not to his repulsive government.

“His actions are staining the Star of David with blood.”

He denounced Sharon as “a blustering bully … a war criminal implicated in the murder of Palestinians”.

His forthright views inevitably made him a target for right-wing Jewish opprobrium, and claims of being a Jewish anti-semite, despite the fact that he was himself subjected to anti-semitism.

Writing in the Guardian in 2004 about a protest march against fox hunting, he wrote: “A stout, middle-aged man dressed in tweeds… rushed up to me and yelled: ‘You Jewish bigot!’ [Others] took up the man’s theme, offering such observations as: ‘You’re an immigrant’, and ‘You weren’t born in this country.

“I found their anti-semitism, though loathsome, ironically amusing, since I was – if I could get there – on my way to make a speech which would undoubtedly impel pro-Sharon Jewish chauvinists to accuse me of being a self-hating Jew and, as a lackey of the Board of Deputies of British Jews has recently put it, straying far from my Jewish roots. Those roots were, at any rate, easily apparent to the pro-hunt demonstrators.”

It’s Jewish money, Jewish donations to the Conservative Party… A big group of Conservative members of parliament are pro-Israel whatever the Israeli government does.

– Gerald Kaufman

In his later years Kaufman refused to let up on his cause celebre – but his forays into what many would consider conspiracy theory and rumour did him no favours.

In 2015, in what turned out to be his final political controversy, he stated that the Conservative party was beholden to “Jewish money”.

He told a small crowd at a parliamentary meeting of the Palestine Return Centre: “It’s Jewish money, Jewish donations to the Conservative Party… There is now a big group of Conservative members of parliament who are pro-Israel whatever government does and they are not interested in… what the Israeli government does.

“They’re not interested in the fact that Palestinians are living a repressed life, and are liable to be shot at any time. In the last few days alone the Israelis have murdered 52 Palestinians and nobody pays attention and this government doesn’t care.”

He then said that a spate of violent attacks by Palestinians had been fabricated by the Israeli government to allow it to “execute Palestinians”.

Four of Britain’s most prominent Jewish organisations – the Board of Deputies, the Campaign Against Antisemitism, the Jewish Leadership Council and the Community Security Trust – expressed their outrage at Kaufman’s comments and demanded that they be investigated.

His party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said the comments were “unacceptable and deeply regrettable,” saying they were “damaging to community relations and do nothing to benefit the Palestinian cause.”

However, Corbyn was the first to lead tributes after his death on Sunday.

“An iconic and irascible figure in the Labour Party, Gerald was always a prominent figure in the party and in parliament, with his dandy clothes and wonderful demeanour in speaking,” he said.

“Gerald came from a proud Jewish background. He always wanted to bring peace to the Middle East and it was my pleasure to travel with him to many countries.”

Combative to the end, Sir Gerald Bernard Kaufman succumbed to a long illness on Sunday 26 February.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Hollywood Honors Terrorism. “And The Winner is ISIS- Al Qaeda…”


They also reflect longstanding Tinseltown ties to Washington. Scripts feature pro-Western propaganda.

Studio bosses are well compensated for colluding in glorifying America’s wars and demonizing its enemies – including “Islamic terrorists” and Russia.

Washington has final say on content and characters in propaganda films. It wants its agenda promoted, most people none the wiser.

History is reinvented. The state-sponsored 9/11 event is exploited. Rogue CIA agents are portrayed as heroes. Supporting America’s imperial agenda is more important than truth.

In 2013, Argo was chosen Hollywood’s top film. It should have been denounced instead of honored – reinventing a 1979/1980 Iranian hostage crisis episode.

The film was malicious, unjust and one-sided, Hollywood propaganda at its worst, ignoring what should have been featured, stereotypically portraying Iran according to Western misinformation.

At Hollywood’s 89th Academy Awards on Sunday, The White Helmets propaganda film was honored as the past year’s best documentary short - portraying terrorists as heroes.

The group has nothing to do with civil defense as claimed, everything to do with supporting terrorism against sovereign independent Syria.

Its personnel operate in al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) controlled areas. Calling themselves volunteer rescue workers responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives is rubbish.

America and Britain support the group. So does the Soros Open Society Foundation and likeminded pro-Western interests.

White Helmets have been photographed and videotaped together with al-Nusra terrorists during beheadings and other atrocities. They support creation of a no-fly zone to prevent Syrian aerial self-defense.

The Syria Solidarity Movement calls them al Qaeda “with a facelift,” fostering terrorism and imperial ravaging on the pretext of humanitarianism.

People associated with the group are enemies of fundamental freedoms – warriors, not peacemakers, foreign-supported dark forces wanting tyranny replacing Syrian sovereign independence.

They were nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. Instead it went to narco-state terrorist Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia’s president. As Alvaro Uribe’s defense minister, he was notorious for massacring “entire population centers,” James Petras explained.

Nobel committee members honored state terrorism. So did Hollywood last night in naming The White Helmets last year’s best documentary short.

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Miss Universe had the perfect reaction to the Oscars mix-up +Tweets

Miss Colombia Crown Removal, Steve Harvey Announces Wrong Winner

So, La-La Land, the critics’ favourite, won an Oscar for Best Picture.

Accept it didn’t.

In one of the most excruciatingly awkward scenes in modern television history (after the 2017 US inauguration), presenter Faye Dunaway read out the wrong film title.

The mix-up wasn't spotted for ages - La La Land director Damien Chazelle as well as a number of actors even made it to the podium to receive the accolade.

Producer Jordan Horowitz began what was, I’m sure, going to be a beautiful acceptance speech.

And then Horowitz announced:

There’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won best picture.


There’s only one other cringe-worthy moment in recent TV history that springs instantly to mind.

You know the one:


Yes, Steve Harvey's blunder during the Miss Universe contest has finally been beaten. Rest easy Harvey, you can finally - blessedly - live it down.

People on the internet went to town with the Steve Harvey memes. They imagined his reaction would go something like this:

With a bit of this:

And a smidgen of this:

And then this:

Basically, he thanked Cthulhu for Oscars 2017. 

Miss Universe weighed in on the subject too:


Their response was kind of brilliant though:

Nailed it.

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Oscars So Black has started trending... And it's not necessarily a good thing


The Academy Awards went from being a ceremony that had very little ethnic minority representation, prompting the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, to something altogether different this year.

Black Muslim actor Mahershala Ali won Best Supporting Actor for Moonlight. The film also nabbed Best Picture and Viola Davis celebrated winning Best Supporting Actress for Fences.

Oscars 2017 was clearly a great year for diversity, and substantially recognised non-white actors and directors for their work.

People took to twitter to rejoice:

However, a swarm of keyboard-happy trolls also crawled out of the woodwork.

#OscarsSoBlack began trending on Twitter:

Because Davis and Ali, who between them won a Bafta, a Tony Award, a Golden Globe, a Critics Choice Movie Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award...to name a few - are "untalented".

Some are calling it "forced diversity".

And black actors won because, you know, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

Not because of talent

In fact, the hashtag stepped into racist territory really quickly:

But, we're happy to report, people have been reclaiming #OscarsSoBlack:

And it's quite simple, really:

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